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Here at Pendulux, we strive to bring you the most remarkable samplings of functional art. From lighting that boasts both form and function to unique timepieces for the wall and desk, pieces from our product lines will easily find their place as a centerpiece in any home or office.



Illuminate your work station or the evening at home with the extraordinary. PENDULUX (Lux is "light" in Latin) lighting design takes a step back to the day when real materials - brass tubing, sheet aluminum, cast iron - were used by craftsmen to make fixtures of beauty and practicality, and with an enduring quality.

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wall clocks

Wall Clocks

Ranging in size from only 5 inches to over 5 feet in diameter, PENDULUX has a wall clock just right for your location. Pendulux wall clocks are individually hand made and and finished, from sheet metal, polished cast aluminum, antiqued brass, and wood. We use only the best available quartz movements to ensure reliability and accuracy.

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Look at vintage photos of great world leaders, scientists and inventors, movie stars and statesmen, and you are likely to find a table clock perched somewhere nearby. PENDULUX draws inspiration from the past to create distinctive and evocative timepieces meant to tell you the time of day, or wake you in the morning.

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illuminated signs

Illuminated Signs

Identical to those you might see glowing in the wee hours of the night, whether on old Route 66 or Manhattan at 3:00 AM, PENDULUX’ lighted signs are constructed of steel with a rustic painted finish befitting their time-worn simple elegance. Illuminated by a single 18" fluorescent tube with cord switch, our VINTAGE ILLUMINATED SIGNS are ready to advertise any establishment or game room.

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Imagine a table whose legs are four Monkey Wrenches (actually Moncke, after the English inventor), or an iPad holder based on a 19th Century Swiss Watchmaker's tool. Using parts from the past to create products for the present is the hallmark of PENDULUX. Check our website for new inspirations developed from those of long ago.

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