Design Inspiration: Motor Vehicles

Design Inspiration: Motor Vehicles

When we look back decades, we strive to gain inspiration for products influenced by that time that can resonate with modern uses. Nothing fits that practice better than motor vehicles. Since the Model T in the early-20th century until now, the evolution of cars and motorized vehicles has changed drastically, and it has impacted how we live ever since. As such, it’s why we’ve modeled several pieces after motor vehicles.

Dashboard Wall Clock

dashboard wall clock

The British coined the term “sports car” in 1919, so we made this clock, reminiscent of dashboard instruments of classic 1930s era British sports cars. Featuring twin counterpart period dials of black and white, the Dashboard Table/Wall Clock allows you to display two different time zones (we like doing local pacific time and London time).  It has a solid aluminum and brass construction, while hex head screws capture the early century authenticity.

Speedster Table Clock

speedster table clock

Looking like we pulled it right from a vehicle, we created a faithful replica of a 1960s British sports car steering wheel with our Speedster Table Clock. Even the red dial comes from motor vehicles found in that era. We didn’t spare any detail, right down to the functioning toggle switches in the middle of the wheel. Of course, we wrapped it in genuine leather to have its feel match its look

Motorcycle Bookends

motorcycle bookends

Sometimes, two wheels are a bit more fun, so we had to create an ode to motorcycles. These bookends were designed after early Indian motorcycles.  Cast in solid aluminum and brass and fitted to strong iron bases, our Motorcycle Bookends are available in either brightly polished aluminum or matte black paint finish, both with brass highlights.

There's no doubt that cars and motor vehicles have had a huge impact on American history and culture, as well as our designs. We’ll continue to look to the industry as we think, sketch, and prototype new products. If there are any car/motor vehicle elements that you think we should implement in our goods, reach out to us and share your thoughts.

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