How To Stay Creative While Staying Home

How To Stay Creative While Staying Home

Pendulux has always been a company with an emphasis on creativity, which you can see in our products; we make retro-space themed pieces for crying out loud. We’re a group of imaginative thinkers who come up with products that are functional, yet a bit unconventional. As most people across the country are staying home, now’s a real opportunity to get creative and find useful ways to spend your time. Here are a few ideas, beyond tv, movies, and video games, to get you by. 


Tinkering can be defined simply as attempting to repair something. It can be anything from fixing a watch to figuring out how to replace your cracked phone screen. If all your gizmos and gadgets work fine, you can just look around the house and see what little things might need fixing; you’d be surprised what you might find. If you have kids, spark their creativity with tinkering exercises to work their brains. Think beyond legos to something like making a toy car from household items. A tinker mindset was how we came up with one of our most beloved products, our robot Karl

Home Improvement 

Nothing will get you to finally paint that living room wall or install double sinks in your bathroom like having to stare at it every day. You’ve got more free time, you’ll be home, plus if you have family living with you, that’s extra hands to help out. Other DIY projects might be a little more daunting, but thankfully you still have the internet where there are videos on how to do just about anything. An added bonus: you’ll save money, which you can use for decor like a shiny new wall clock, or mirrors to go with that new vanity. 

Find a New Hobby

Going out of your comfort zone while still remaining in your house seems like a pretty low-risk, high-reward idea. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the time, like picking up a guitar. Perhaps there’s something you wouldn’t even know you’d enjoy, such as cross stitching (it’s made a comeback). You can always get better at the skills you already have.

Let’s say you make a mean margarita, why not broaden your knowledge of great cocktail recipes and learn about new ones, or concoct some of your own; that way, you name them. When your a top-notch bartender, get the goods to match like our slate coasters or elegant glass bottles

In these uncertain circumstances, when we’re essentially on lockdown, we can get a little stir-crazy. Why not use that energy and that brain activity to make your time worthwhile? From fixing something to upgrading your home to finding new hobbies, you might find a side of you that you never knew you had.

That’s what we’re doing, and we’ll be better for it. Now, we’ve got time to tinker around with new sketches, improve our processes, and find exciting things to work on. We can't wait to show you what we come up. Until then, stay safe.

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