Shedding Light on our Lamps

Shedding Light on our Lamps

As one of our core products, we’ve always been obsessed with lighting. The right light can set a mood, and really change the whole environment and feel of the space you’re in. With our lamps, we tried to create a whole spectrum of lamp options, from minimalist to more avant-garde pieces. Here’s what we have to offer:

Black Shade Lamps


For a vibe that feels a bit more sophisticated,  we designed a collection of black shade lamps, in three different iterations. We start with durable aluminum and polish it to accentuate it’s natural metal color tone, finishing with a simple natural black cotton lamp shade.

black lamp

European Style Table Lamps

Inspired by cities across the pond, we have a selection of lamps built with history in mind. The Berlin Table Lamp is modeled after one found in a photograph of German-born Albert Einstein’s study. It combines brass and aluminum elements, while our Prague Table Lamp swaps out the aluminum for raw cast iron, to give it a patina to match its namesake city. Our Parisien Table Lamp brings with it a more elegant look, like it’s fashion-forward namesake, finished with a smooth polished brass and black cast iron. Finally, the Alexander Table Lamp featured elements of early 1900’s British design making it unlike any other light fixture we’ve seen.

european lamps

Industrial Design Lamps

Sometimes, something rugged is just what you’re looking for. Our Raymond, Pablo, and Crane Table Lamps all echo this idea, with a rugged style. We looked to machines for inspiration with these lamps, preferring a worn look, showing durability and character. Each is made using solid brass and electro-plated nickel, which provides that unique finish.

industrial lamps

Inventor Inspiration

Then, there are cases where we draw from exceptional individuals from history. In our case, we looked to Leonardo DaVinci. We have three Lamps in our collection that pays homage to the great renaissance man. We based these creations on 18th Century Italian design as well as the artist’s paintings.

da vinci lamps

Beyond those mentioned, we have several more pieces available in our store, featuring a wide array of elements present throughout time. If there’s a piece you especially enjoy, please reach out and let us know, we work hard on these creations, so it’s always nice to hear our work is appreciated. Also, if there’s something you would like to see us make, share those thoughts as well, collaboration is key.

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