Thinking Bigger - Tables

Thinking Bigger - Tables

We’ve done a great job of bringing nostalgia to life with our creative designs and top-flight craftsmanship. However, most of that has been done on a smaller scale, with clocks, table lamps, and trinkets dominating our collection of products. Lately, though, we’ve been thinking . . .  bigger, and decided to get into the world of furniture, and super-size some of our favorite designs, while going back in the history books to bring some unique tables to today’s homes. Here’s a look at what we have built so far.

Mercury Coffee Table and Small Mercury Table

With our first-ever coffee table, we’ve combined a section of a French bridge girder with vintage legs from a drawing table. Hand-crafted from solid aluminum with a rough-cast finish and brass findings, It makes a bold industrial statement. Like the Coffee Table, our Small Mercury Table impresses a sense of machine-age utility with modern necessity.

Small and Large Scale Neptune Table

Imagined in solid rough-cast aluminum and brass, our Neptune tables add a new spin to our line. Heavy tripod legs surmount a locking screw-post mechanism allowing for height adjustment and secure positioning of the thick round glass top. Functional brass fittings provide utility and accent. Both tables have adjustable heights with the large ranging from 37-43 inches tall, while the smaller version can vary from 19”-27”.

Ship Propeller Side Table

Perhaps our most eye-catching table of the lot, our Ship Propeller Table features a vintage 1920s boat propeller recast as the focal point. Cast iron legs support the propeller Shaft-inspired, riveted brass column.  A 22” X 3/8” thick glass top allows a clear view of the structure beneath.

These pieces are our first foray into “thinking bigger” with our products. We aren’t sitting on our laurels though, we’re dreaming up ever more large pieces to bring you. We do draw a lot of our designs not only from history but some of the other products we make that our customers appreciate. If there’s anything that you believe would look great on a grander scale, please, by all means, send us a message; it could be one of the next products we introduce.

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