Pendulux Manufacturing

Our products are inspired by timepieces and mechanical instruments from a wide variety of time periods from sources and locations around the world. The design process starts in our small Point Richmond office and workshop, where the pieces are crafted, refined and engineered until we are all happy with the truly unique finished product. 

When it came to the manufacturing of these clocks and objects, we searched intently for the best overseas factories that would be able to responsibly reproduce these unique designs as closely to our original as possible. We sought to ensure that our materials would be high quality, and that our own quality control guidelines would be met so that each Pendulux product would reach homes beautiful and trouble-free. 

Our team regularly visits our factories to ensure their integrity and fair practice in the workplace, as well as ensuring our high standard of design and materials. We consider our manufacturing vendors to be part of our team and expect that they operate to the same standards that we maintain in our own domestic office and warehouse.

The majority of our products are hand-crafted—whether it’s casting metal, polishing, finishing or installing mechanical components. This hand-work is evident in the unique markings and gentle patina of every item. From initial concept and design to production and inspection, each Pendulux product passes through the hands of someone who takes pride in their work and workmanship.