5 Ways To Celebrate Mom

5 Ways To Celebrate Mom

We’re on the cusp of May, a favorite month of many Americans. The flowers are blooming, birds chirping, the sunshine lingers, and like clockwork — another Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is a time to really cherish and celebrate her, and remember all the great things she does for her family. There are many ways to do the matriarchal holiday right, here are five ideas how:

Celebrate Before/After Sunday 

Where does it say that you can only highlight mom on the actual calendar day? Unless everything breaks right, card stores will be left bare, you won’t have pick of the best flowers, and wait times for any half-decent restaurant will be painstakingly long. Saturday, Monday or any day from here until Father’s Day (you’ll get your day in the sun soon enough) is just as viable to treat her. 

Virtual Party 

We’re all Zoom experts by now, so what easier way to get everyone “in the same room” than a video chat? This allows for anyone to join in on the fun, no matter where they’re calling in from. Living far away from parents can be tough, but thankfully technology provides a workaround for times like these. If she’s into themed get-togethers, perhaps a tea party with all the frills or a wine and cheese night could do the trick. 

Blast From The Past 

Don’t forget, mom comes from a different generation than you, so maybe tap into a retro theme and gift her something that brings back good memories. This can be a mixtape of her favorite songs or an album from an old family vacation. Give something tangible; remember records, tapes, CDs, or any kind of physical media? Also, there’s got to be lots of videos and pictures either on your phone or old camcorder, so maybe some home movies to send her into a nostalgic frenzy. 

Meals Al-Fresco 

Whether a breezy brunch or a warm sunset dinner, nothing is quite like a delicious meal outside. This could be at mom’s favorite patio restaurant, but it could just as easily (maybe even less stressful) be done at home in the backyard or a local park. Charcuterie boards are always popular or get take-out rather than having to wait for a table. This way, it’s much more private and you can enjoy your family without having to deal with other people. 

Do Her Job For Her 

A lot of mothers are superheroes and take on many responsibilities. In addition to work, they may prep meals or keep the house in order. If you have kids, try making it a group effort to really make her feel like royalty. Make her a meal, make her bed, don’t let her lift a finger. Whatever she usually handles, try taking over. Not only will it give her a much-deserved day-off, but it’ll also give you and your family perspective on how much she has on her plate. 

However, you decide to do Mother’s Day, make it feel special. Feel free to share with us how you made it a holiday she’ll remember.


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