5 Ways To Start 2021 On A Good Note

5 Ways To Start 2021 On A Good Note

Let’s just try as best we can to forget about last year, okay? We’re a month into the New Year and it’s time to drag and drop 2020 in the trash, right-click, and empty it. Thankfully, the calendar has graced us with the turn of a page, and we’re all giddy to settle into 2021. So why not set yourself up with success and evaluate the way you look at things this year. Here are five to consider. 

  1. Financial Outlook 

The markets were pretty volatile last year, and we all wish we'd bought more Bitcoin, but think about day-to-day spending. With many opportunities for discretionary spending off the table for nearly a year now, it’s likely to have saved you some money. This adds up over time, and perhaps there’s a little more now to pour into investments, use towards renovations, or other well-earned items. 

  1. Family and Friends 

We should all be Zoom experts by now, who hasn’t spent countless hours in front of their webcam chatting with everyone from Aunt Millie to their supervisor (all while still wearing pajama bottoms)? Think about the connections that have been made stronger over the past year, not just the people around you, but the ones that you reached out and caught up with; admit that some of those would not have happened otherwise. 

  1. Hobbies

Whether it’s baking something out of your wheel-house (thanks, Great British Bake Off), channeling your inner-Chip and Joanna for a DIY project, or taking virtual spin classes on a Peloton, it was a big year for hobbies. It not only passes the time but works on self-improvement. In 2021, maybe take it up a level. Bake that cake, lay down those tiles, keep setting new personal bests on the bike. 

  1. Relaxation 

Easy to think about, yet hard to achieve. Stress triggers are everywhere — in the news, at work, with the kids; hey, if you made it through so far, kudos. Oftentimes we forget to take care of ourselves, and that has a ripple effect on other parts of life. Relaxation, mindfulness, and positive thinking can make a huge difference in how people see the world. Enjoy the little things, and find pieces of joy where you can. 

  1. Embrace Change   

“There is nothing permanent except change”, said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and truer words have never been spoken. We live in an ever-changing, ever-evolving world, which can at times overwhelm us. We can’t stop it, so we have to learn to deal with it. Change is inevitable, so let’s embrace it. Take it all stride and be thankful for the things that do go right. 

2021 is off to an interesting start, to say the least. Let’s all do our part to drive it in the right direction. We’ll keep doing what we do — crafting home decor that adds a touch of joy. 

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