It's Time For Spring Cleaning

It's Time For Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us yet again. The days are getting longer and we’re all getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. With that, it’s time to open your windows, let the natural light in, and enjoy more outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Inside the home, it’s the seasonal ritual of spring cleaning. Here are a few pointers from us at Pendulux, along with a few suggestions to help out.


Get All Your Clocks in Order

The time change tripped us up for a little bit, but we’re back on track and ready to enjoy the later sunsets. Just make sure all your clocks in your home are in sync. There might be more than you think, in common spaces, bedrooms, the kitchen, not to mention the ones on devices and even your car. Make sure they all tell the same (correct) time so you’re not running a few minutes late or leave too early because of a clock error. If you don’t already, it might be a good idea to put one in the bathroom too, so you can keep track while getting ready. Look for clocks that don’t need to be hung, take up little counter space, and add style to your room.


Organization is Key

How long have you been putting off cleaning out that junk drawer?. . yeah, we thought so. This time of year is perfect for renewing your space and getting rid of things you don’t need, or find a better place for things you haven’t fully appreciated. If there’s something you’d love to show off, but just can’t find the right spot, consider a fashionable etagere or somewhere valuables can live without being in the way or at risk of being damaged. It’s a great way to display things while adding function and style to the room.


Make The Place Bigger 

Okay, well maybe you can’t literally make the place bigger without the help of some two-by-fours and a sledgehammer, but there is a trick you can pull off. Mirrors are always a great idea for creating the illusion of a bigger space. They increase the depth of field, reflect back any light to create a brighter room, and add a touch of decor as well as class. Try something large enough to give the effect of a window. It’s sure to turn some heads, in a good way. 


Let In The Light 

Natural light is your friend when you want to make a place feel welcoming. Open up the curtains wide and shimmy up those blinds, because we’re only gonna get more and more sun for the next several months. Brighten up the colors in your home and don’t block paths of light. Of course, when the sun sets, you’ll need to turn on the indoor lights. Don’t go for anything too harsh and artificial-looking, and by that, we mean the lamp itself too.  Look for designs that offer a modern, minimalist style. 


Start Moving Furniture


No, that’s not a euphemism. Actually ask the question, “why is my place set up the way it is?”. Does it maximize space, have good feng shui, or fit your aesthetic? At the end of the day, home needs to be a place where you want to spend most of your time, and sometimes a rearranging of furniture can create a sense of creativity. Make sure everything flows, and nothing is getting in the way. Also, make sure nothing is missing; say there's a chair that you enjoy sitting in while enjoying a bourbon neat,  compliment it with a sturdy side table to set your glass on. 

Spring is the ideal time to reevaluate your home and try to make it better suited to your life. Hopefully, these tips were useful, but if you need more ideas, we’ve got several other blog posts that might help. 


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