An Ode To Dad

An Ode To Dad

Let’s talk about Father’s Day, shall we? About what makes a great dad. We all know how important to your life a good dad can be. A great dad fosters and encourages a young spirit. He’s a shoulder to cry on. He listens and gives sage advice. He protects and guides you. He’s a constant presence in an otherwise tumultuous world.


Sure there are all kinds of dads. The strong, quiet type; the loud gregarious type; the sports lover; the arts lover; the reader; the emotional dad and the emotionally reserved dad. No matter where he falls on the spectrum, the one thing that remains true, even if perhaps unspoken, is his constant and unconditional love for you. That love is your rock, the foundation upon which all dreams and ambitions are built. The sacrifices dads make for us fuel the lives we make for ourselves, and we hope ultimately to make them proud.


So this Father’s Day, if you have a great dad, let’s celebrate him. Maybe in a different way than we’re used to, but socially distant doesn’t mean emotionally distant! Reach out with a video call, with a song or artwork, or take him fishing, to the golf range, for a bike ride, a walk. Whatever you choose to do, let’s make gratitude the message, because if you’ve been lucky enough to have had a great dad in your life, you know how much you have to be thankful for.

Happy Father’s Day, all you great dads out there!!!


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