A Clock Tells More Than Just Time

A Clock Tells More Than Just Time

Sure, a clock, in the simplest terms, tells the time. Then again, so does your wristwatch, your smartphone, and even your oven. Owning a clock is about way more than having something that says what time it is.

Other than when they were first introduced, we don’t think anyone goes out to buy a clock because they don’t already own another tool to tell them when 5:00 PM rolls around. In many cases, a clock, much like the clothes you wear or the car you drive, says something about the owner as an individual. Artistic, Professional, Retro, Modern - each of these words can be used to describe someone’s style, and a clock, whether on your person, your desk, or hanging on a wall, call be an extension of that.

Are you a fan of classic timepieces, from iconic diver watches to famous clocks like Big Ben or the Grand Central Terminal clock? Maybe you prefer something more cutting edge with a minimalist design? Maybe you’re really old school and tell the time using a sundial? Perhaps you like something quirky like our Gizmo clock here. 

Pendulux Gizmo Clock

Pendulux makes clocks out of high-quality metals, glass, and motors that say much more than what the hour and minute hands can tell you. Much of our inspiration comes from eras past with unmistakable industrial, maritime, militaristic, or mid-century modern influence. Each clock we make has a rich story behind its design. We invite you to check out the entire collection of wall clocks and desk clocks that we handcraft.

Tell us, what kind of clocks do you own, and what do you think they say about you?

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