Inspiration: Naval Designs

Inspiration: Naval Designs

Many of our pieces feature designs heavily influenced by naval vessels from around the world. From our own U.S. Navy to inspiration drawn from France to Russia, these elements remain timeless, and we’re proud to replicate clocks that look like they belonged on these ships.

One common element that you’ll see in our naval-centric product line is the use of nickel-plated aluminum. The use of both metals are important for sea-bound boats; the aluminum keeps the clock light so that it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the ship, while the nickel plating prevents the clock from rust and provides wear resistance. On the same clocks, we use a strong glass lens that can withstand demanding conditions.

Pendulux Deckhand Wall Clock


With respect to time periods, our timepieces stretch the timeline, from as early as the 1900’s, as seen in our Nautilus clock which is a model of an early 20th-century French torpedo. We’ve featured the period of World War II prominently, such as in our Navy Master Clock, an exact scale replica of a 1939 master ship clock. We even venture into the Cold War, with a clock from Russian submarines in our Deep Sea Wall Clock.  

Some distinct features of naval clocks are large, bold numbers at each hour/ five-minute mark, with contrasting colors between the dial background and number color.This allowed clocks to be read more easily from afar or in dimly lit areas, also thanks in part to the thick minute and hour hands. 

Pendulux Deep Sea Wall Clock

We have a handful more timepieces with naval design inspiration, from the intricate, attention-grabbing Steamboat Clock, to the understated, rustic Petrograd Clock. Which of our clocks is your personal favorite? Is there a clock out there from a marine vessel that you'd like to see us make? We would love to know. 

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