Add Character to Your Office

Add Character to Your Office

How much time are you spending in your office? If you’re like a lot of us, you spend up to a third of your life at work. It would only make sense then, that you enjoy the space you’re operating in. The design, the decor, just the overall feel has to be right if you’re really to feel comfortable and be productive.

We’ve been tinkering, sketching, and coming up with some great pieces for the office, to add some character, boldness, and a sure conversation starter to your workplace. Like everything else we create, they’ve been meticulously designed and hand-crafted with the durable materials like steel, brass, and aluminum (no plastic parts here). Take a look at what we’ve got.

Ray Gun Bookends

If you’ve got books that you keep in your office, either business-related or for your reading pleasure, you’ll want to display them right. Add a bit of excitement with eclectic bookends like ours that look like ray guns. While the exude a feeling of fun, their construction is serious.

ray gun bookends

Vise Frames

Glass enclosures and a cast iron base make our newest frame no joke, but they’ll protect photos of those that you love, whether it be your family or man’s best friend.


vise fram

Anvil Card Holder

After seeing our industrial-inspired business card holder, you might want to work upgrading your business card. It’s a perfect piece to sit right on your desk, or you could always use it to fight off Wylie Coyote.


anvil card holder

Airplane Engine Replica Set

Sometimes, you just need a piece of art which has the sole purpose of looking good and making you feel good. Enter our Airplane Engine Replica set. Their design comes from actual 1950’s airplane engine models, and they even spin, for when you need a distraction.

airplane engine replica

Fidget Pencil Sharpener

If you’re a little old-fashioned or a hopeless romantic, you still use pencils. A pencil is best when sharpened, but that tool has been relegated to a cheap plastic school supply or noisy machine. May we suggest our fidget pencil sharpener; it features a German steel blade and a brass encasement.

fidget sharpener

Incorporating these into your workspace will give you a much more inspiring workplace, not to mention being the envy of the office.

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