Design Inspiration: Deep Sea Diving

Design Inspiration: Deep Sea Diving

If you’ve taken note of specific design elements in our products, you’ll find one focus that we have, which is rather unique, is diving. Relatively speaking, scuba diving is a pretty new form of exploration, with the first open-circuit scuba equipment developed in the 1940’s. Before that, heavy suits and incredibly cumbersome helmets made from everything from bronze to copper to brass were the typical dress for deep diving.

These large helmets were especially popular in the 1800’s, and was a time of various design change for standard diving dress. You can see several iterations illustrated in our Diver Helmet Replica Set, which are made of the same material, solid brass, as the original creations from the 19th Century.

The first helmets were actually made of two parts: the bonnet, which covered the diver’s head, and the corset, which helps support the weight of the heavy bonnet on the diver’s shoulders. Both were bolted together and then clamped to the rest of the suit, creating an air-tight seal.

 Diver Wall Clock - Pendulux

Moving things forward a few decades, our Diver Wall Clock is a more clean, yet classic approach to the diving helmet. Made from polished aluminum and featuring brass details, it’s not as vintage looking as our replicas, but it remains an eye-catcher with its pendulum. If you’re a diving aficionado, or even a fan of diving, we would love to hear what specific design elements you appreciate. Let us know of any ideas or thoughts you have on potential new products.

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