Inspiration: Vintage Light Bulbs

Inspiration: Vintage Light Bulbs

Light is one of the most important things in the world. Ever since humans first developed the ability to create light in the late 19th Century, thanks to Thomas Edison and other pioneers, it’s been constantly changing. Now, bulbs vary greatly in size and power, from the tiny bulbs that emit light on a doorbell to the massive floodlights used to illuminate stadiums.

Since we make lamps, and not just any lamps, but vintage-inspired ones, the history and design of light bulbs interests us a good deal. The right bulb can make all the difference, and we’re very careful to select bulbs that match the lamp they’re in and the time period they derive from. Because our lamps are all based on those from the mid-20th century and before, we use different designs of incandescent light bulbs, which use a wire filament within the glass encasement to produce light.

We like to use different filament designs and bulb shapes in our lamps to give them their own  character. Perhaps the best case of this is in our Double Electro Lamp, in which we use two different tubular bulbs, one with a flared bulb and zig-zag filament. We even sell stand-alone bulbs, each unique, from a marconi-style bulb, to a tinted radio bulb, which can be used as replacements in our lamps, or for your own projects to add a vintage touch.

As we look into future Pendulux lamps, we’ll scour garages and antique shops to see what kind of retro lighting elements we come across, and incorporate them into our one-of-a-kind designs.

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