Five Ways to Improve How You Work From Home

Five Ways to Improve How You Work From Home

Nowadays, people are working from home more than ever; that’s new for a lot of us. Adjusting from commuting, being in an office setting, and the normal ways of communication for decades isn’t a seamless process. While we may enjoy being home more and having extra time to spend with our families, it may take a while to get into your working groove. Here are 5 ways to help you with your transition.   

Get Your Own Space

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Unless you already had a home office, this might be the trickiest part to pull off. Setting up in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even a garage isn’t ideal but it’ll have to do. Get creative with moving around furniture (or kids play areas) to give you a dedicated space. If you can, try to be near a window, or the fridge for easy access to snacks. Room dividers can also help create a division of space. As for a desk, chances are yours at home doesn’t offer as much real estate as the one at the office. However, it should be more fitting to your personal aesthetic. If you need a touch of style, Pendulux offers desk accessories to help make it your own 

A Good Chair Makes A Difference


If you weren’t a fan of the one in your workplace, then this time is a welcome relief. A quality chair can really set the tone for productivity, and it doesn't have to be an office chair. Get comfortable, and see how productive you could really be. A chair that’s good-looking doesn’t hurt either, that’s why we’ve designed a few that look and feel good, without compromising on design. Our Cambria chair is a great example, with its cognac leather and brass accents. 

Play Dress Up

It can be tempting to respond to emails in the pajamas you slept in the night before. We haven’t tested this, but we doubt there’s a positive correlation between lounging around in shorts and output. We’re not saying put on a tie, but try putting on some pants and a clean shirt while you’re in ‘work-mode’. If nothing else, it’ll help you feel like you’re better suited to get things done. Business-as-usual sometimes means you have to look the part. If you’re more capable of working in your skivvies, more power to ya’. 

Avoid Distractions

If you have a large family at home with several kids, avoiding distractions might be tougher than finding space; that’s because they likely won’t give you any (physically as well as mentally). Besides that, there are distractions in the form of the comforts of being home. There’s the TV, the internet with its endless rabbit holes, and the lure of the backyard on a sunny day.

Set Your Schedule/ Stick to A Routine


Your whole routine has changed, but you have to make sure the quality of your work doesn’t. While it was easier to create a morning routine when you always had to be up at a certain time, your commute was always the same, and you had scheduled meetings, a lot of that is out the window now. Still, you should stick to a routine similar to what you had before. Waking up at the same time, (need a quirky alarm clock?)listening to some similar music/podcasts, or eating the same (or skipping) breakfast, all could work to get you out of your at-home funk. Do, however, take advantage of the inherent benefits of being home. Have lunch with the kids, breaks on the patio, perhaps a power nap; something you’d be hard-pressed to do in an office building. 

Got any tips or tricks that you use to keep you on task while working from home? Send us an email and let us know at Also, if you need anything for your newly-created home workspace, check out our lamps, chairs, desk sets, tech stands, and more.

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