Partnering With The Smithsonian Institute

Partnering With The Smithsonian Institute

As a company, our primary goal is to bring our love of all things historic, functional and beautiful to all of our designs. We want someone to look at a piece and either recognize it instantly as a Pendulux creation or ask about it because it’s so unique. We try to simultaneously reflect our quirky admiration yet respect the products and styles of ages past. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to partner with the Smithsonian Institute on a collection of goods that bring together both of our missions.

No other organization in our country’s history preserves history and shares it with the world quite like the Smithsonian. We’ve looked back at important times in America’s history and handpicked stories to tell through our designs. We’re deeply proud of what we’ve created and we’re honored to be able to bring them to you with the Smithsonian’s support.

Transmitter Table Clock

Inspired by eclectic, electric communications devices of the early 20th Century, our Transmitter Table Clock is a wonderful combination of vintage-style knobs, dials, switches, and antennas. Made from wood, aluminum, and brass, it features a recessed behind a glass lens and brass bezel.

P-51 Control Stick Stand

The American P-51 was considered by many to be the best fighter aircraft in WWII, credited with helping to turn the tide of the war. Cast in hand-polished aluminum from a vintage original, our iteration features an operating brass trigger and angle adjustment to make sure your phone is presented at the correct altitude.


Jet Bookends

Thanks to the advent of jets during WWII, aircraft design made rapid and dramatic changes. Our Jet Bookends represent early single-engine aircraft from the 1950s, heading boldly into the stratosphere. They’re cast in solid polished aluminum with brass detailing, and a heavy iron base to keep your books secure.


X-15 Stand

The X-15 was a rocket-powered aircraft developed in the 50s intended to explore the edge of space. In 1967, it set an all-time speed record. Our version is noticeably slower and cast from hand-polished aluminum with a brass nose tip held by a black-cast iron base.

Deco Microphone Clock

Patterned after distinctive spring-damped microphones of the 30s, our Deco Microphone Table Clock is an ideal balance of form and function. A polished aluminum base, cast from a period original, supports the adjustable suspension-ring, which encircles a brass bezel period clock dial. Brass details and hardware make for a nostalgic look.

Vintage Microphone Stand

Patterned directly after a vintage 1950s microphone, our stand is faithfully recreated in hand-cast and polished aluminum, securely mounted to an adjustable sheet brass stand, with the added convenience of a pencil tray and holes for charging cables.

Professor Clock

Part gizmo, part table clock, part-time machine, our Professor Table Clock is a nod to the pre-computer era. A hand-polished cast aluminum Deco base encases the distinctive black dial clock. Four knurled dummy-knobs add a vintage touch, while the brass crank on the side provides entertainment for fidgety fingers.

It was a reall honor to collaborate with the Smithsonian Institute, and to have their name stand alongside these designs. We hope to continue working with them in creating pieces that tell stories about our history. 

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