5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning
Spring is finally here, March 19th was the first day of the season. The warmer weather usually brings about thoughts of vacations, spending more time outdoors, and meals al fresco, but in light of recent events, it looks like life has changed a bit for the time being. Smaller public groups, fewer gatherings, and extra sanitation measures are paramount right now, but it’s still a great time to get your home in order. Out with winter and into spring, here are 5 spring cleaning tips you can take on now, so you can enjoy the good times that are hopefully coming soon. 


Make Sure You’ve Changed All Your Clocks

While our smartphones updated the time automatically, and maybe even the one in your car did as well, the clocks in our homes don’t unfortunately. Make sure all timepieces in your house are sprung forward an hour, from the ones mounted on the walls to the smaller pieces on your nightstand. You’ll be frustrated if you accidentally lose track of time and think you had an hour to spare. Need a new clock? Well, we’ve got you covered there


Don’t Forget to Dust The Nooks and Crannies


Not unlike an English muffin, there’s plenty of harder to reach places in your living space. If you plan on opening up the windows for the first time in a while, you don’t want accumulated dust to be a part of the breeze. Ceiling fans, blinds, under couches, behind TVs, and shelves are all places to address to ensure a cleaner space. Kids bedrooms can also be a tall task, with who-knows-what under the bed, and perhaps an old juice box hiding in the closet. Try enlisting them in your spring cleaning venture, and then get something cool for their room


Become Mr. Fix It

Leaky faucet? Creaky Door? Wobbly Bookshelf? Water stains on a wood table? It’s likely that there’s a couple of minor fixes in your home that’ll make not just a clean space, but a fully-working space as well. Just a little elbow grease, a willing assistant (read: kids) and maybe a video tutorial, is all you’ll need. Then, make sure you pick up some coasters to prevent any further marks on your table. 


Rearrange Furniture 

If you’re bored with your current setup, you have a couple of options. First, the expensive one, buy all new furniture; two is more economical - move things around and add decor pieces. Look into feng shui and see how that could make your living area more functional. When it comes to decor, you might be surprised how simple things like a lamp, mirror, or accent piece can really spruce up an area in your home. 

Less is More 

Much like hibernation animals, we tend to accumulate things over the past few months. Maybe some stale Halloween candy or non-perishable goods from thanksgiving or presents you haven’t used. Throw it out or regift it! As for general stuff, think about disposing or donating things you don’t have a use for. It’s a win-win, you declutter your home and give items you weren’t using a second life to people that might really need it right now. Start with the garage, where most people pile things up, and work your way in and finish in your closet. You’ll enjoy your space more, and it could spark some ideas


If you need more ideas, especially on design check out our many blog posts on what inspired us to make our products. 

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