Hot Off the Press, our Newest Arrivals

Hot Off the Press, our Newest Arrivals

We love to sketch, draw, design, and put together ideas for new Pendulux products but the whole process, from inception to production, can be quite a lengthy ordeal. Looking back in time for inspiration, and figuring out how to use modern techniques to create pieces with character and integrity can be very challenging. After a lot of hard work, we’ve created an assortment of new products, that we’re very proud to show you. Here’s what we’ve been working on: 



Without a doubt our most popular, the altimeter series of clocks has been redesigned to function as an even more functional piece on your nightstand. With their aluminum casing and solid brass hardware, these compact yet rugged clocks evoke the bygone days of aviation’s golden age. Patterned after a 1939 Army Air Corps altimeter, the polished aluminum or black finishes exude precision and purpose. Our newest addition to this fan favorite line comes with a reliable quartz alarm movement and handy on/off switch sitting smartly on top.



Whereas the altimeter series spoke to the history of the skies, our diving helmet collection examines the first era of deep sea exploration. From our striking miniature model set, we’ve expanded our depths with new bookends, based on the famous Mark V Diving Helmet, which was standard issue for the US Navy from 1916 until the mid-1980s. Like the original, ours are made of solid brass and are mounted on heavy black painted iron stands for years of use above the waterline.

Then, we brought the idea to full-scale, based on actual antique 19th and 20th-century helmets used for Military and commercial marine applications – the classic spherical one used for deeper operations, ad the two cylindrical models made for shallow dives. Made of heavy brass-finished metal, with solid brass details and fittings, ours evoke the days of hard hat diving and displayed on your wall make a truly seaworthy statement.



Our new square steel encased clocks, including the small and large Engine Room Clock, as well as the Flight Timer Clock, are industrial in every way. They feature hard lines and oversized fasteners to attest to their rugged demeanor. We base the engine room clock on timepieces found in mechanical rooms of factories, which includes a smooth running seconds hand over a bi-level dial. Based on an actual WWII-era aircraft instruments, the Flight Timer Clock features an operable seconds hand and flight hours dial that lends an air of authenticity.

Beyond what we’ve talked about above, there are several more new items that we would love to tell you about. Be on the lookout for a new article in the coming days, where we unveil even more products that we’ve been hard at work on. If you like our new offerings or have any ideas for something that we should design, reach out to us. We’re always looking for inspiration for the next big idea.

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