This Just In, Our Newest Arrivals - Part II

This Just In, Our Newest Arrivals - Part II
At Pendulux, we really enjoy paper napkin sketching, computer designing, and creating new Pendulux products. The entire process, from idea to creation, can take quite a bit of time, but it’s well worth it. We look to the past for influence, and through present-day methods create pieces with unique style and nostalgia. After a lot of effort, we’ve produced a host of new products, that we’re excited to show off. We wrote about a few of these items last month, so here’s some more of what we’ve been working on: 



We’re fascinated with Japanese electric model toy boats circa 1950. Our motors are very true to the full-sized originals and painted in the mod colors of the day. We’ve borrowed the outboards from a couple of these models and created a pair of bookends and a three-piece model set well-suited to any boating enthusiast. Each is cast in solid aluminum and then polished to create a stylized look.




Our mirrors reflect a sense of industrial nostalgia, borrowing the cases from some of our most popular wall clocks. Each meets the same high-quality standards as our timepieces with heavy solid brass latches, knobs, and hardware that add utility and authenticity. Our newest models include the Maritime mirror (top left), control room mirror (top right), cargo mirror (bottom left), and concourse mirror (bottom right).


Tabletop Clocks

table top clocks

We’ve unveiled a collection of tabletop clocks that are small in stature but have bold designs. Our Biplane clock (top left) neatly captures the essence of America’s first practical military aircraft. The Mr. Steampunk clock (center) stands as a distinguished sentinel on your desk, assembled of solid machined brass with a glass crystal lens. Our Royce table clock (top right) is patterned after Cold-War era gauges and Atomic instrumentation. Modeled after those mounted on the dash panel of a WWII American tanks, the Sherman clock (bottom left) features a nickel-plated steel base and black anodized hex fasteners. The quirkiest of them all is our Rufus Clock, a playful juxtaposition of scientific instrumentation and offbeat gadgetry.

Kirkley Wall Clock

wall clock

We saved the biggest for last. By far the largest clock in our collection, the Kirkley wall clock is patterned after a late 19th Century European tower clock. Measuring a full 60” diameter, this piece is made of riveted sheet steel with heavy counterweighted iron hands, just like the original. Kirkley is available with a heavy-duty UL Listed American-made movement or as a static display piece featuring adjustable hands. Finished in Industrial Grey, Kirkley makes a bold, timely statement like nothing else.

There’s even more that we haven’t shown off here, like the simply elegant Stephanie Clock or our Spitfire Clock, which draws from British Royal Air Force aircraft. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring these new creations to life and we’re so happy to share them with you. Please let us know what you think of them, and we’ll get back to the drawing board to bring even more great ideas to fruition.

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