Inspiration - Classic Toys

Inspiration - Classic Toys

Once again, we’re in the holiday season and everyone is shopping for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Of course, one of the biggest things during this time of year is toys. Every year, it seems like there’s a toy that’s a “must have” or the “hottest” on the market (looking at you hoverboard).

While many of our designs come from an industrial era, we do have a softer spot where we look at popular toys and models from nostalgic periods in our history. So, in the name of the holidays, here are a few of our offerings where we used a little imagination, and a whole lot of inspiration from popular toys of years past. 


Karl Table Clock

The robot toy was first produced in Japan in the mid-1940s, and it became a craze. The years that followed saw the toy continue to develop into one with all the bells and whistles, literally. To pay homage to that, we created our Karl Table Clock, with that iconic robot styling. Just like the robots back in the day, it’s made from durable materials like aluminum and brass.

Ray Gun Bookends

Extremely popular during the Golden Age of Science Fiction, the late-1930s to mid-1940s, ray guys are among the coolest gadgets of that era, thanks to their out-of-this-world design. Even kids decades later wanted ray guns (we know we did) While we weren’t able to create a fully-functional ray gun, we were able to craft these eye-popping bookends. They’re perfect for cradling your science fiction novels or those alien-totting cinema classics.


Thunderbolt Clock

Most of our aviation-focused goods are based on lifelike, life-sized pieces from service aircraft of yesteryear. However, we wanted to get a little playful with our Thunderbolt clock and base it on a toy model. We went for the gutsy P47 plane and came up with something that’s small but mighty. It’s a little different than what you might expect from Pendulux, but that’s what makes it one of our favorite pieces, not to mention a great gift for the airplane lover in your life. 

Beyond these three, we have a couple of other items that are fun and quirky, like the fidget pencil sharpener, along with the Oofo clock (our unique take on the spelling of UFO). They’d look at home just as well in a kid’s room as it would on an office desk. One thing is for sure, they would all look great with a bow on it under the tree.

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