Inspiration : Outer Space

Inspiration : Outer Space
Humans have always been curious about what lies beyond our planet. The outer space fever hit an all-time high during the Space Race of the 1950s through 1960s, hitting its apex when the U.S. put a man on the moon in July of 1969. Leading up to that moment, and for a while afterward, much of popular culture revolved around the space race, influencing everything in that era from music (Bowie’s Space Oddessy, Elton John’s Rocket Man) to art to design trends. So of course, as creators of things nostalgic, retro, and vintage, it was a time period that intrigued us with its quirky, space-age designs. From it, we were able to gain inspiration for some of our favorite, more eccentric pieces like these:

Rocket Clock


Our #1 best-selling item, our rocket clock is an icon from the birth of the space age. It’s An homage to rocket ships models from the 50s and crafted from polished aluminum and brass. It’s so popular, we offer a wall-mounted version, which can be adjusted to hang at any angle because its black dial can be rotated so it always remains upright. We also serve it up in a completely different way, splitting the rocket to make bookends.

Oofoo Clock

 ufo clock

To pronounce “oofoo”, just think of a phonetically-incorrect way to say UFO. We had some fun with this small yet mighty timepiece, inspired by the pages of 1950s sci-fi comics. This relic of retrofuturistic fins and antenna features an acrylic window for alien observation and an adjustable stand that allows for alternate angles of aerial attack (we told you we were having fun with it).

Space Bug Clock

space bug clock

The cutest little clock on the planet, our Space Bug table clock shows accurate earth time on a Mars-inspired red dial, viewed through a solid brass porthole. Perched atop three conical brass feet, the polished cast aluminum body wards off gamma rays. A brass antenna probes for signs of extraterrestrial life.

Spaceman Clock

spaceman clock

Inspired by early Russian space capsules, the Spaceman Table Clock pays tribute to the earliest days of space exploration. The clock’s solid aluminum case was designed to withstand the bumpy ride through Earth’s atmosphere, while the unique antenna keeps contact with mission control on Earth below.

Rover Clock

rover clock

We designed the rover clock to operate under a range of gravitational extremes, specially fitted with rolling wheels to handle Martian terrain. With brass fittings and detail among heavy polished aluminum, and glass lens protecting the mid-century dial and hands, this clock is at home in Earthling cities and Mars colonies alike.

We had a blast designing, and writing the stories behind these unique clocks. We’re always tinkering, doodling, and dreaming up new designs to offer you, and the focus on outer space gave us an out-of-this-world level of creative range. We hope you enjoy owning them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Be on the lookout for new stuff from Pendulux coming soon!

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